I went through a stint writing poetry.  I was inspired by the poems my kids were writing at school. It’s also a refreshing change from academic writing.

One of the core concepts to poetry is to “show, don’t tell”. Using figurative language, you help the reader to see, feel, taste and touch with the words on the page.

Good poetry is powerful. And it’s inspired me to think of different ways to communicate about health and wellbeing.

Some of my poetry reflects on the strength and struggles I see in my work with people with eating disorders. I wrote these as a way of reaching out with a message of hope and compassion from these true recovery warriors.


There were other poems that I’ve written which reflect my frustration with the way media portray  ‘thin-ideal’ as the only way to be happy or healthy. It’s a reckless message which wreaks havoc on body image of many.

I took a break on my poetry to focus on my body image comic but I plan to get back into it again.

For anyone aspiring to explore their poetry roots I must give a plug for the poetry community All Poetry. They are amazing and have a wonderful free community where you can learn the art of poetry in a supportive environment — highly recommended.

I’ve added some of my other poems below and will continue to add these in future.

kim x

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