Body Appreciation Doodles

Back in June, I created my first doodle about a little brain and heart talking to each other. Brain was suggesting to heart that it best for him/her to make the decisions from now on. The premise behind the doodle was that sometimes we let our hearts make the decisions and it isn’t always best.

The doodle bought me so much joy I instantly fell in love with these two.

Brain Decides: the doodle that started it all.


From there I began creating new characters and stories around these personable body parts. Stomach with appetite hormones ghrelin and leptin came next.  My aim for the doodles are to inspire self-compassion and love for how our bodies support us in life. To look beyond physical attributes and fall in love with the things our body’s do for us (and their imperfections too). To give them a human side.

The next doodles in the series and characters Stomach, Ghrelin, Leptin and Intestines are born.


I work each day building new stories and new characters and learning the craft of storytelling through characters. Where is all this heading? No idea. Below are some of my more recent doodles in colour.

I’ve added some more early doodles below.

kim x

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