About me

Hi, I’m Kim!

I wear a few hats — mum, dietitan,  body image PhD graduate researcher and I also work in eating disorder recovery.

This blog is mostly a collection of my work aimed to support positive body image. It includes, doodles, a newsletter with the latest news around body image and details about my PhD.

I try to post something small every day. A  doodle, a thought in diagram form, maybe a poem.


If you’re a dietitian, why do you do creative work?

I’ve always wanted to explore my creative side. I used to think I didn’t have the right too because that is for real artists. But over the last year while working in eating disorder treatment I’ve seen the value of art being used in healing, recovery and the joy it brings to clients.

I decided to explore it myself to communicate body image concepts arising from my PhD research.  Must admit I find it relaxing and a nice distraction from my PhD.

What’s the point of all of these doodles and things?

Everything I create has body positivity in mind. Many of my comics and doodles body and aim to celebrate how it functions to support us. I using personification (making the body parts human-like)  using cute body characters to inspire self-compassion and self-love. Hopefully a few laughs too.

My poetry reflects on many of own struggles and observations. Sometimes these take a melancholy twist so I’ve been focussing on my doodles lately (they make me giggle).

But are you a real artist?

I cringe when people ask this. I don’t see myself as an artist. I think of myself as a communicator. I’ll use any means to communicate a health message in a fun way if possible.  I’m a visual person myself, so this has inspired my approach.

Do you have any formal training? 

Funny you ask, I completed a Graduate Diploma in Graphic Design many years ago. I struggled through design school and was in constant awe of the other designers. After I graduated, I used it for a few years and then moved on.

I returned to study my Bachelor’s degree in Nutrition and Dietetics with honours and am now undertaking my PhD research exploring social media, health communications and body image.  Yes, a glutton for punishment.

Where do you find the time to do all of this?

I get about 6 hours sleep a night. I must address this.

Can I use and repost your work?

I’d love you to repost any work for any personal use.  Much appreciated if you tag it @kimrounsefell  and don’t alter images.

What’s your life philosophy?

Show, don’t tell (comes from writing poetry).

Equality for all.

How can I keep in touch with you?

There’s a few ways. I repost my comic and doodles on InstagramI post body image news and discussion to twitter. I save on lots of quotes, poems, and journal inspiration on Pinterest. I’m also dabbling in Tumblr Emphasis on the word dabble.

I also post weekly thoughts on my blog and send out a fortnightly body image newsletter.

Okay great! And thanks for being part of this pretend interview.

My pleasure.

kim x